It is all in a good day’s work. Those of you who are hard-working and do this for a living will surely agree. By the time you are finished with your work and the cleaning schedule has been done and dusted for the day, you will be quite proud of your efforts. You are pleased as punch that you have all the gadgets and implements – from wiping rags to super duper mops to near silent vacuum cleaners and to the best detergents that your boss’s money can buy – at your disposal have helped you to deliver a rather sterling job, thus making sure that you have one to come back to in the morning.

But before you know it, and no matter how hard you have been working, quite a stinker has been caused, in more ways than one. You did your best and it is hardly your fault that no sooner had you taken care of the cloakroom some or another oaf went and soiled it completely. Complete lack of consideration alright. But the boss does not care. It is just a question of getting the job done and making sure that the results stay that way. So, there you go, you have heard it all before and you have experienced it a lot too.

wiping rags

And now there is talk about cutting costs and you wonder again if your honest to goodness job is in jeopardy again. Yes, yet again, and so it goes. But you like what you are doing for a living and maybe this time you could help your boss out with cutting costs, not cutting corners and then ending up with no job. Consider recycled wiping rags for a change. They are bound to save you and him.