The carbon footprint was adjusted to the plural. Because today, after the alarm bells were finally heard in all corners of the world, residential property owners and commercial and business owners, as well as industrialists have all become more aware of the damaging footprints they had been leaving about them. Previously it was never noticed or thought of. The damage was done, but it has been more than possible to reverse it, hasn’t it. Lasers and frac balls are not the stuff of science fiction. They are indeed playing a role in helping property and business owners and industrialists reduce their carbon footprints in numerous ways as it applies to their business.

And there are a growing army of emitting devices that are replacing old conventions that sapped energy and gave property owners headaches where power use costs were concerned. In fact, so much inventiveness has been encouraged that no source of power has been necessary in many instances to carry out production processes while at the same time reducing carbon footprints. The paint solutions industry has certainly come a long way in this regard. For many years the paint industry was regarded as one of the biggest villains where carbon emissions were concerned.

frac balls

Who would have thought that something as pristine and innocent as a freshly painted set of walls would cause so much damage? Well, it happened, and that’s in the past, well, just about, seeing as there are still industries, usually on the small scale, and this is ironic, given the capabilities they have at their disposal to make a positive difference, that have yet to buck the trend towards drastically reducing carbon footprints. Who would have thought that a nicely painted wall is in fact not what it appears to be on the surface.